Refinements of Operaismo, from Yesterday and Today.

[The following is a translation of an interview with Sergio Bologna published on the 4th of January 2015. The original Italian version can be found here:] In your article, "How the theoretical heritage ecc."[1] you don't mention Toni Negri and his contribution to the analysis of post-fordist society. An oversight or something else? It's true, … Continue reading Refinements of Operaismo, from Yesterday and Today.


The Theme of Potere Operaio

Potere Operaio [Workers' Power] was a radical Italian extra-parliamentary group that existed from 1967-1973. It was one of the groups that was most representative of operaismo. The above image of the group's newspaper brandishes their most famous slogan: "Democracy is the rifle on the worker's shoulder." Below is a link to their theme song sung in … Continue reading The Theme of Potere Operaio

Why Still Operaismo?

[This short essay was published by Tronti in Italian in 2009 as part of a collection of essays entitled "Noi operaisti" [We workerists]. An English translation of the central essay from that collection appeared in New Left Review in 2012, and can be found here: As far as i can tell, the present text was never translated … Continue reading Why Still Operaismo?